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The Supermen Lovers

Romantico Starlight August 9, 2020

  • Starlight

    The Supermen Lovers (feat. Mani Hoffman)

  • The Supermen Lovers - Clock Sucker

    The Supermen Lovers

  • Family business The Supermen Lovers The Player L P

    The Supermen Lovers

  • The Supermen Lovers • Starlight (TSLMH Remix)

    The Supermen Lovers

  • The Supermen Lovers · Eyes On You feat. Scarlett Quinn

    The Supermen Lovers

  • The Supermen Lovers - Hard Stuff (Solomun edit)

    The Supermen Lovers

  • Family business The Supermen Lovers The Player L P

    The Supermen Lovers

  • The Supermen Lovers - We Got That Booty (feat. antOnin) (Official Video)

    The Supermen Lovers - We Got That Booty

The music video starts off floating down to a house where a young “potato” man is making up the song “Starlight” in his bedroom, after finishing the song he goes to his parents to tell them about it, however they don’t notice him as on the television they’re watching a ‘Mexican Skeleton’ singing. The young man is in awe of how his parents, sitting on the couch like “couch potatoes”, are more interested in the act on the television than their own son. Disappointed, he returns to his bedroom when he begins hearing music coming from a mouse hole. A mouse inside is doing his own work as the young man sees what’s going on. Initially, they both begin to co-operate with each other and produce ‘Starlight’ together.

Then they try to get a producer to sign them on and call up several producers, but after several failed attempts, the mouse mainly tricks a producer by using the audio from the Mexican Skeleton’s song to get the contract. They then run away from their home and begin to head for the big city for a chance of stardom. Once getting on TV, the popularity of their act just goes down in a fast decline as all viewers watching changed back to the Mexican Skeleton. The manager gets furious and fires the duo.

Meanwhile, a group of aliens pick up the broadcast and enjoy listening to the duo’s music. So the alien manager calls them up and asks them if they would like to go to their planet. The duo then jump for joy that someone out there loves their song. Near the end of the video the spaceship then floats to the house, but in a cruel twist of fate, the alien ship is not big enough for both of them leaving the young man really upset as his friend and partner gets taken due to the fact he was the smaller of the two. The spaceship then flies away with the mouse while the man is left alone once more.



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